Homeward Bound

I’m going to keep this post brief tonight since I fly home tomorrow. I’m mostly packed and I get on a plane early tomorrow afternoon, arriving home just 2 hours after I leave by virtue of time zone magic.

I spent my last afternoon in Paris with a walking tour of the Montmartre district, or as our guide called it, the “Stair Master Tour”. It could also be titled “tales of artists who either committed suicide or died destitute and alone.” Check back in a few days for details after I get home. I also still owe you all my Halloween tale of the Loire Valley. You don’t want to miss seeing Princess Foofy Pants in her native habitat (love ya Mia!).

Hopefully, my flight will be uneventful and my luggage will all be within the weight limits and my car service will show up on time (they were late picking me up from the airport).

Catch y’all State-side soon!

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