On an overcast October day, I took a series of boats out to Burano, a small island in the North Lagoon.  Historically, Burano was an island known for its lace making and fishermen.  While there are fewer lace makers on Burano today, it’s still home to fishermen and artists who live in brightly colored houses.

On the way out to Burano, you pass a series of ruins on tiny islands in the lagoon:

ruins on the way to burano, italy

and this tower:

burano leaning tower - venice, italy

There’s a pretty little park where the boat docks, with this statue as its focal point:

burano la tua pace statue - venice, italy

After passing through the park, you begin to wander along the small canals and through the side streets and alleys.  My trip out to Burano was mid-week and few people (locals or tourists) were there.  The islanders were likely at work or in school while the coming storms and rain scared off many of the tourists who normally flock to the tiny islands.  It many ways it was a great day to visit.  It was a quiet oasis compared to the hubub of crowded Venice and the brightly colored buildings popped against the gray skies.

reflections in burano canal, venice italy
reflections in burano canal, venice italy
alley in burano, venice italy
colorful burano row houses, venice italy
colorful burano square, venice italy
colorful burano side street, venice italy
red burano building, venice italy
colorful burano window, venice italy
colorful burano window, venice italy

There were also a couple of fishermen sitting along side one of the main canals fixing their fishing nets.

sleeping kitty in burano window, venice italy
After wandering for a bit, I decided to have lunch at a little seafood restaurant called Al Gatto Nero.
burano al gatto nero, venice italy
I ordered an antipasto appetizer which ended up being a seafood platter with scallops, prawns, baby squid, crab dip and an unidentified lagoon crustacean.  The baby squid were just too tentaclely too eat. I did try the unidentified lagoon crustacean (the light pink thing on the left hand side of the plate).  It wasn’t bad.  It also came with a bowl of steamed clams and a glass of procesco (a sparkling wine native to the Veneto region).  The plates the food was served on were really pretty–a ring of Burano houses circled the edge of the plate and had a black cat on one edge).
burano lunch al gatto nero, venice italy

After lunch I went back to wandering and did a little shopping.

burano canal, venice italy
burano canal, venice italy

As the day drew to a close, I wandered back to the water boat dock.  The park was filled with folks waiting for the boat on benches or wandering around eating gelato.

burano canal, venice italy

I got back to Venice just as the first rain drops started to fall, after a short detour at Murano where I picked up the boat to Venice. It rained all that night and into the next day.  While it made for great sleeping weather, the next day would see me slogging through flooded streets and into glass blowing shops.  But, that is a tale for another time.

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