Michael Johns at the America’s Polo Cup

Tweet Below are some of the first pictures from the America’s Polo Cup concert on Saturday night featuring Michael Johns, one of last season’s American Idol contestants. I’d forgotten just how good this guy is. His new single, “Heart On My Sleeve” is now available on iTunes and his new album drops in June. It […]

More INXS Photos

Tweet As promised, here are more photos from last weekend’s concert. It’s going to be slow trickle as I sort through the remaing ones. I took around 150 and a surprising number came out well. As usual click for the larger versions. Note, these are not size properly for RBL. You may want to resize […]

Running of the Bulls INXS Style

Tweet The late afternoon sun beat down on us while we stood in line at the Maryland State Fair waiting for the gates to open for the INXS concert. With 45 minutes to go, about 150 people were in the line ahead of us and the line behind us was growing longer by the minute. […]

Get Thee To A Supernova Concert

Tweet Ever have one of those days where every thing goes perfectly, like it’s meant to be? I had one of those days on January 31st. I worked half a day before heading up to New York City for the Supernova concert. On a whim, I signed onto to Ticketmaster because I was curious to […]

Schizophrenic First Effort

Tweet I got the new Rock Star Supernova CD right before Thanksgiving. After a few listens, my opinion of it remains unchanged. The new Supernova CD is a schizophrenic collection of 11 tunes by second season Rock Star: Supernova contest winner Lukas Rossi, Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Gilby Clark (Guns and Roses) and Jason Newsted […]

Lovehammers in Concert

Tweet I was lucky enough to get a ticket to Tuesday night’s sold out Lovehammers concert at the Canal Room in New York City. Those boys get better and better every time I see them. Marty Casey has become the definition of a riveting front man. I first laid eyes on Marty during last season’s […]