Inaugural Seating Map

Tweet The scramble is on for Obama inauguration tickets. Three of my friends and I are trying to get tickets for the swearing in ceremony on January 20th. We’ve all made our official requests; but, my friend Elisa out in Washington State is the only one to have someone from her Congressperon’s office even respond. […]

Obama Wins!!!!

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The Electoral Map Live

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Olbermann Skewered Deliciously

Tweet Don’t try drinking anything while watching the second half of this one. http://the35thillusion.blogspot.com Tweet

SNL’s Palin Rap

Tweet Amy Pohler’s Palin Rap from Saturday Night Live. Over the top, but a lot of fun. http://the35thillusion.blogspot.com Tweet

No Game Changer

Tweet McCain needed a knock out punch during the debate tonight just to get back in the game and he didn’t get it. According to a CNN focus group who watched the debate live, while McCain won the first 30 minutes, he lost the last hour as he got testier and testier (his temperament has […]

America Will Once Again Rise From The Ashes of the Bushes

Tweet So said Senator Hillary Clinton this afternoon at a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania that I attended. Dramatic perhaps, but hopefully true. Bush Sr. drove us into a recession during his presidency and Jr. has spent the last 8 years driving us into an even bigger mess. We’re in dire need for someone to go […]

Before And After

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Would you follow these two off a cliff?

Tweet This Pat Oliphant cartoon pretty much sums up the McCain-Palin candidacy: http://the35thillusion.blogspot.com Tweet

Glass Houses

Tweet Hmmm … The Republicans would never do something so dastardly as play the gender card over the coverage their new VP candidate is getting would they? After all, didn’t they mock Hillary for complaining about the media coverage during the primary? I believe Sarah Palin herself even said that Hillary needs to quit whining […]

Looking For A New President

Tweet Eight years ago we had a booming economy, a budget surplus and respect throughout most of the world. At the end of the second-term Bush Administration it’s all gone–a distant and wistful dream. Add to that a quagmire in Iraq and Bin Laden still on the loose and you have a grim picture of […]

Shock Jock Crosses Line

Tweet Racism, sexism, basketball and free speech, all collided last week on radio shock jock’s Don Imus’ radio show which is simulcast on MSNBC and CBS’s radio network. Calling the Rutgers’ Women’s basketball team “nappy headed hos” following their loss in the NCAA Women’s National Championship, Imus set off a firestorm which reached it’s crescendo […]

Do You Have A Terror Score?

Tweet Do you often get pulled aside at airports for extra searches? If so, it may be because your Terror Score is higher than average. What? You say you didn’t know that everyone who travels in and out of the US through certain modes of transportation or certain entry or exit points (like border crossings) […]

An Ironic Twist Of Fate

Tweet “In an ironic twist of fate this week, Iraq affected regime change in the US,” said Amy Pohler to open Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update last night. When I heard those words, I had one of those “holy crap, she’s right moments”. It is perhaps one of the greatest ironies in politics today. President […]