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Tweet Two monster storms. Five days. Thirty-nine inches of snow. We may be the envy of Vancouver right now; but, really, only a polar bear or penguin could love this much snow. It’s pretty while it’s coming down, but we’ve had way more than our share this year. Officially we’ve had 72.1 inches of snow […]


Tweet After we got smacked in December with a large snow storm a week before Christmas, mother nature went quiet.  Apparently, she was saving up her wrath for this past weekend.  Dubbed “snowmageddon” by bloggers and the President, storm dumped massive amounts of snow in very short amount of time, at a rate of 2-3 […]

Snow Geraniums

Tweet We’re getting our first snow today and yet my geraniums are still in full bloom.  It just seems wrong. Tweet

What in the Hell Is Wrong With New Jersey?

Tweet Yes, a rather broad question for which the answer probably is “a lot”. But, after a rather hellish morning commute due to only a couple inches of snow, I’m left with a burning question: Does the State of New Jersey own either a snow plow or salt truck? And if the answer is yes, […]