Photo Of The Week

POTW: Blossoming Memorial

Tweet The cherry blossoms were at their peak as I went for a stroll around the tidal basin on Sunday morning.  The blossoms frame the Jefferson Memorial in the background. Photo details:  f/11 at 1/200 sec, 18 mm, ISO 320 Tweet

POTW: Sunbeams Through The Dome

Tweet “A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.” – St. Francis of Assisi On a Monday morning in mid-March, sunlight pierced the shadowed interior of St. Peter’s, illuminating the Basilica.   Photo details:  f/15 at 1/125 sec, 26 mm, ISO 1600 Tweet

POTW: Lake McDonald

Tweet The rain stopped and the sun started to peak through the clouds as we arrived at Lake McDonald at the start of our Red Bus tour through Glacier National Park. Photo details:  f/11 at 1/400 sec, 67 mm, ISO 400 Tweet

POTW: Flooded Lake Nakuru

Tweet Lake Nakuru had an overabundance of rain this year, leaving many of the lake side paths impassible and turning much of the shoreline into wetlands.  These yellow-billed stork hunted for food amid the rain and mist. Photo details:  f/11 at 1/20 sec, 100 mm, ISO 640   Tweet

POTW: Fisgard Lighthouse

Tweet A foggy day yielded this photo of Fisgard Lighthouse on Vancouver Island last year.  As the fog began to burn off, you could see a few boats gliding silently around the harbor in the lighthouse’s shelter. Photo details:  f/11 at 1/100 sec, 22 mm, ISO 100   Tweet

POTW: Monkeys

Tweet On the way back from the hippo pool, this troop of vervet monkeys was hanging out in the trees.  While the one on the left (likely Momma) was keeping a close eye on us, one of the other adults was doing its best to groom the baby’s fur before it jumped down again.  The […]

POTW: Momma And Baby Baboon

Tweet A troop of baboons scampered across the road in front of us as we wound through the dusty and bumpy roads of the Samburu Game Reserve.  A couple of babies clung tightly to their mothers’ backs as they ran in front of our safari van.  Once they stopped in the bushes along the road […]

POTW – April 9, 2012: Anchors Away

Fisgard Lighthouse Anchors

Tweet Today’s Photo of The Week comes from outside Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria, British Columbia.  The sign post at the center of the anchors points out the distance to Victoria, London, Yokohama, Japan and Seattle. Tweet

POTW – April 1 – Race Rock Lighthouse

Race Rock Lighthouse, British Columbia

Tweet I took this shot while out on a Orca whale watching during my vacation on Vancouver Island last summer.  It was the only pretty day I got on the trip. We were lucky to watch a playful transient pool of Orcas that day.  After watching the juvenile porpoise in and out of the water […]

St. Simon’s Island Lighthouse

St. Simon's Island Lighthouse

Tweet Tweet

POTW – Week of Aug. 1: Fisherman’s Wharf

Tweet Fisherman’s Wharf – Victoria, Canada Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria is filled with houseboats, small restaurant stands selling fresh, cook-to-order seafood, barbecue and ice cream (and other treats).  After a long day of site-seeing, we sat on the pier to eat our dinner.  While we were finishing, the sky was struggling to clear away the […]