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By The Light Of A Blue Moon

Angels watch over Millionaire's Row

Tweet The full moon wasn’t visibly blue, but its light bathed the 176-year old Laurel Hill Cemetery in a glow for hours last night.  Part outdoor sculptural garden and part horticultural oasis, Laurel Hill is the final resting place of some of Philadelphia’s most famous and wealthiest residents. Both peaceful and eerie, statuary at Laurel […]

Cellblock 14

Tweet Moody. Crumbling. Haunting.  Once the crown jewel of the Pennsylvania Corrections system, Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) was abandoned in 1971 after continually housing inmates for 142 years.  Known for its distinctive wagon-wheel design and its system of keeping inmates in isolation so that they could contemplate their sins and their penitence, ESP housed some […]


Tweet Two monster storms. Five days. Thirty-nine inches of snow. We may be the envy of Vancouver right now; but, really, only a polar bear or penguin could love this much snow. It’s pretty while it’s coming down, but we’ve had way more than our share this year. Officially we’ve had 72.1 inches of snow […]